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Advice for our Tenants

Our priority is to keep our tenants and staff safe. In line with Government advice, our office staff are now working remotely but continue to provide services and advice for our tenants.

Please use email to contact us as our office is not open and will not receive telephone calls or post.


We know that many residents are worried that they will struggle to pay their rent and service charges if their income is affected by coronavirus. This might be because you get ill yourself or have to self-isolate or care for someone who is ill – or because your employer reduces your hours, or you lose your job suddenly. We really understand how stressful this is – and how little control anyone has at this time – and we want to provide reassurance.

Will I lose my Home?
Firstly, we want you to know that no-one will be evicted from their home if they cannot pay because of coronavirus – whether you are directly or indirectly affected.

The single most important thing that you can do if you are worried about paying the rent is to get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity. We really want to help – and we can – but only if we know that you are experiencing a problem. Please trust us to help you so email us at and we will make contact.

Talk to Us!
Please talk to us straight away if you are facing a problem – we know that this is outside your control and we want to help. You will not lose your home and we will guide you to financial help through the welfare benefits system. Payments are available more quickly and easily because of the current crisis and if you are already claiming help, you may be entitled to more assistance.

Useful links

Advice on benefits if your income is affected by coronavirus

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Wells is quite simply a beautiful place to live; it is a small town, with over 1200 households of 2500 residents, many of whom are intrinsically linked with the town’'s maritime and rural heritage, as indeed; were there forebears. Surrounded by beautiful coastline, an attractive and valuable natural environment, and working countryside; the unique character of the town and wide range of services available, make Wells and the adjacent villages of Warham, Wighton, Holkham and Stiffkey, an increasingly popular place to work, to live and to visit, bringing life and vigour into the area, which thrives. 

However, the high cost of property nationally, is replicated locally, with an increasing number of local properties owned as second and holiday homes. Wells and the neighbouring villages have significantly felt the impact of their success. As their popularity has risen, the number of visitors and retirees, second home owners, and holiday homes have increased with the population rising to 5000 during peak season. Whilst this brings benefits to the area, local house prices and rents have consequently risen, far beyond the reach of typical average local incomes. The local community is threatened as many, particularly those with young families, are forced to leave in their search for housing they can afford and economic opportunities. 

Our Mission

Providing affordable homes in Wells and the surrounding villages 

to enable the local community to flourish.

Our Purpose 

Since it's launch in 2006, Homes for Wells has worked to provide homes in the community at a fair and reasonable rent one which is economically viable for key workers, volunteers and local people with a proven connection to the town and local area; people who make a significant contribution to the community, economy and environment. 

All Homes for Wells properties are lived in by individuals and by families who provide essential services,  and without their skills and expertise our community would not be the thriving, vibrant place we enjoy today. Key services and occupations, often in low waged sectors or run on a voluntary capacity would be understaffed, and school numbers unsustainable. 

Growing numbers of individuals and families have been accommodated but there is increasing need, and Homes for Wells continues to work in partnership to increase our property portfolio.