Tenant Finding Service

Homes for Wells gives a service to provide tenants for private landlords. Upon receiving a request from such a landlord Homes for Wells will allocate tenants in accordance with their Allocation Policy although the Landlord has the final say as to who they let their property to. 

We advise the landlord of our Rental Policy and recommend a suitable rent although it is for the landlord to set the rent and the tenant to proceed if acceptable.  

We do not provide a management service for new tenancies.

Tenant Finding Procedure 

Purpose: To help to provide affordable accommodation for local people and keyworkers.

The proposal is that where a private landlord is willing to let a property at an affordable rent that Homes for Wells would help to find a tenant only.

Homes for Wells would:

  • meet with prospective landlords, advise on affordable rent levels, explain procedure and view property;
  • give information about local lettings agents;
  • draw up a shortlist of suitable applicants in order of priority and in line with Allocations Policy. Action by Allocations Committee;
  • contact first applicant on list giving details of available property, explaining that they could remain on Homes for Wells applicant list, but that changed circumstances would lead to a review of their banding. Ensure applicant understands that Homes for Wells is not managing the tenancy. Action by Housing Manager;
  • applicant’s contact details given to landlord;
  • repeat procedure until successful.

Homes for Wells would not: 

  • recommend a tenant;
  • advise on tenancy agreements;
  • take up references;
  • take on any contractual obligations;
  • charge a fee.