Housing Needs Survey


Housing Needs Survey - April 2018 Update

Homes for Wells has now completed the Survey of Housing Needs, to verify the level of demand for affordable housing, and the sizes of homes that are required.

The 2018 Housing Needs Report can be downloaded using the link below.

The report confirms the data held by North Norfolk District Council and adds to the number of people already on Homes for Wells applicants  list. House prices are up on average by over 50% in Wells but, in the past five years, for many, pay has barely increased. It is clear that hard-working local people need help to keep living and working in Wells. The survey tells us what we need to know for our future building plans. For example, that more people need one or two bedroom  homes.

We are very grateful to everyone who replied to our survey, and to our many generous donors.

Housing Needs Survey - March 2018 Report (pdf)